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Video: Why we must cherish older workers

Rob Johnston on Border TV

Last week Cumbria Chamber of Commerce launched a campaign to encourage businesses to recruit and cherish older workers.

It is a response to the county’s shrinking working-age population, which makes it progressively harder for employers to fill job vacancies.

One solution is to persuade older employees to stay in work longer, rather than put their feet up in retirement.

Our campaign has attracted extensive media coverage, including this clip from Border TV’s Lookaround news bulletin:

The British Chambers of Commerce, to which Cumbria Chamber is affiliated, has worked with the Department for Work and Pensions, Aviva UK and the charity Business in the Community on materials to help employers recruit, retrain and retain older workers.

A toolkit looks at the policies and procedures employers can put in place.

There are is also a video and toolkits on specific issues, for example on incentivising older workers through means other than a pay, plus factsheets, research and case studies.

And there is a podcast with with Andy Briggs, the Chief Executive of Aviva UK, who is the Government’s older workers’ business champion.

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