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Tell us how Brexit will affect your business

Brexit dilemma

We need your help to influence government policy on Brexit.

The British Chambers of Commerce – to which Cumbria Chamber is affiliated – is seeking to understand businesses’ trade and investment plans, how they will be impacted by Brexit and what they would advise the Government to do.

Click here to complete the British Chambers’ Brexit survey. Responses must be received by Friday, August 17th.

Rob JohnstonRob Johnston, Chief Executive of Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, said: “We carried out work last year to gauge the impacts of potential changes immigration policy on businesses in Cumbria.

“The results helped to shape the British Chambers’ submission to the Migration Advisory Committee, which advises government.

“As Brexit gets closer, we need to ramp up the pressure on ministers to ensure that, whatever form Brexit takes, the needs of business are recognised.

“To do that, the British Chambers needs to gather the strongest possible evidence base from businesses.

“I’d urge you to take five minutes to complete this survey. It will enable us stand up for your interests.”

Read here what Cumbrian businesses said about migration and Brexit.

Click here to access the British Chambers’ Brexit checklist

Click here to access the Brexit risk register, which sets out the UK’s preparedness on 24 issues of importance to businesses.

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