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Finding your voice and using it with confidence

Deborah Clark

Very few of us are natural-born divas, clamouring to stand up and perform. For most, the very idea of that sales pitch, business presentation, team briefing or staff training stirs up feelings of fear, anxiety and self-doubt.

That’s why Cumbria Chamber has asked Deborah Clark, of Get Real Leadership, to run a workshop on public speaking next Thursday, August 17.

Participants will discover how to face those natural fears and learn basic skills to communicate in public with confidence.

Deborah ClarkDeborah draws on 25 years’ experience of developing her skills as a trainer, facilitator and public speaker (she clearly remembers her own first, painful attempts) and has created teams of highly-skilled effective trainers.

She said: “Delegates who attend the workshops face a wide range of public speaking scenarios – sales pitches, formal presentations, team meetings, senior team briefings and training sessions. But they are all looking for the same outcome – a boost in their confidence levels.

“From the feedback I receive this is exactly what they take away, which is great. That’s what I’m here for, to help people find their voices and use them with confidence.”

Delegates will learn:

  • How to gauge your audience
  • The key stages of a presentation
  • How to identify and structure key messages
  • The dos and don’ts of using visual aids
  • Top tips for grabbing and holding an audience’s attention
  • How to present with conviction
  • Techniques to help overcome the nerves and build self-confidence

The workshop is designed to be engaging and enjoyable as well as being packed with practical hints, tips and learning.

It allows each delegate to practice their skills in a safe, non-threatening environment and to receive invaluable feedback which will help them to find their voice and use it with confidence.

The session at Newton Rigg Conference Centre, near Penrith, runs from  9.30am to 4.30pm. The delegate rate is £65 plus VAT for Chamber members, or £120 plus VAT for non members. BOOK HERE

For queries or further information email catherynn@cumbriachamber.co.uk

In the meantime, to whet your appetite, here are Deborah’s five top tips for presenting with confidence:

  • Stop regarding the audience as the enemy: one of the main reasons we get nervous when public speaking is that we think the audience are waiting for us to fail. We will discuss how and why the opposite is true – they desperately want you to do well.
  • Harness the power of your voice: how you say what you say is just as important as the words that you use. Your voice is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal and, like any tool, you can learn how to master it.
  • Make it easy on your audience, and you: structuring your messages is key to helping people absorb and understand your messages and it also gives you focus and helps to calm you down. We will look at how you can structure your material as logically as possible.
  • Realise that all you are doing is having a conversation: we talk to each other every day and think nothing of it and yet we tag a situation as “public speaking” and all of a sudden we are terrified. Learning that the normal rules of conversation still apply takes away a lot of the fear that we can feel.
  • Practice does indeed make perfect: as dull as it sounds, this is so true. Very few of us are born with a screaming desire to take centre stage but with practice we can learn to feel a lot more natural about it and even start to enjoy it. One of the most useful aspects of the workshop is having the chance to give it a go, in a relaxed and supportive environment – invaluable!

Previous attendees at to Deborah’s workshops have this to say…

A professionally and informally delivered course which allowed input and questions at any opportunity. Very worth while and completed my preparation for presenting in the “live” environment. Geof Armstrong – Wm Armstrong (Longtown) Ltd

Deborah delivers a fun and relevant course. If you need an all round guide as to how to put together a presentation and how to deliver it, this is a course you will get a lot out of. Julie McLaughlin – ActionCOACH

I hadn’t previously attended many courses, so i was very open minded with my expectations. What i can say now is that, Deborah delivered a very enjoyable, easy learning training course that has enhanced my ability to stand up and present with more confidence. Mick o’ Doherty – Playdale Playgrounds Ltd

This course demystifies how to present ideas well by giving clear and useable tools. I wasn’t sure if public speaking could actually be made fun, but now I’ve found it can be. Elaine Theobald – Elaine Theobald Human Givens Therapy

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