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Blockchain is a game changer – ignore it at your peril


Most people have heard about Bitcoin and the majority will have dismissed it as ‘a bubble’ or ‘a scam’ or even ‘how criminals move their money’.

But Cumbrian businesses ignore what’s happening with Bitcoin at their peril.

The underlying technology that powers Bitcoin is called the Blockchain and it could completely change the way you do business.

It might even replace your sector entirely.

Think back to how the internet has changed everything that we do in business …. and get ready for that to happen all over again.

Join the digital marketer and cryptocurrency expert Paul Teague, at Cumbria Chamber of Commerce in Carlisle, on Wednesday April 18th April, from 10-11.30am, for this introductory session on Blockchain.

Paul TeaguePaul said: “Most people have now heard about Bitcoin, and they’ll have formed a view about it based on what the press is reporting.

“However, Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg.

“The underlying technology is what’s most interesting about this cryptocurrency. Blockchain innovations could completely disrupt Cumbrian businesses, even making some obsolete.

“Imagine mobile phones 15-to-20 years ago – that’s where we are with the Blockchain at the moment, but this technology will creep up faster and create more disruption when it becomes commonplace.

“As a business, you ignore Blockchain at your peril.”

In this beginner-friendly session you will learn:

  • How it all started with Bitcoin, but quickly moved on to Ethereum and Litecoin and many others;
  • Why it’s the Blockchain that’s the most important thing;
  • Why charities, contract-based industries, supply chain businesses and many other sectors are ripe for disruption;
  • Popular myths and misconceptions debunked;
  • How the underlying technology is the key to understanding the disruption that will be caused by the Blockchain;
  • Why you shouldn’t be distracted by the Bitcoin millionaires and place your focus instead on the bigger picture.

Paul is the co-presenter of The Crypto News Podcast and has been following this technology since 2014 when he first heard it mentioned at an informal business meeting.

This will be an introductory session for anybody who’s completely new to the world of Bitcoin and the Blockchain.

As a business, you ignore Blockchain at your peril.

The delegate rate for this workshop is £20 plus VAT for Chamber members, or £40 plus VAT for non-members.

To book your place, click here.

For queries or further information email catherynn@cumbriachamber.co.uk

Any cancellations must be received at least three working days prior to the event, otherwise you will be charged for non-attendance.

Chamber Business Solutions is also able to deliver bespoke and in-house training – with our highly experienced team of trainers and subject matter experts we are committed to assisting you get the business results you need to achieve. For information on how we can help your business please contact catherynn@cumbriachamber.co.uk

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